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Tides Of Breathing


Полузабытая, по непонятным причинам долго лежавшая в закромах коллаборация, начало которой было положено одним летним вечером 2013 года в Инкермане (Севастополь, Крым), когда Creation VI, будучи на тот момент дуэтом Tim Six & Aloe, встретились с Владиславом (SiJ) в его домашней студии после сыгранного вместе концерта.



Совместная работа с Сергеем записанная при работе над альбомом «Perseides», но так и не вошедшая в альбом.

Оформление для альбома создано на основе изображения предоставленного Tim Six.

Рецензия на сборник "The Old Alchemist" от "Avant Music News"


If nothing else, the current end-of-the-world pandemic crisis has facilitated digging through recordings that have been sitting on the shelf (or in this case, the SSD) unlistened. Case in point, I’ve had a copy of The Old Alchemist for over two years and first put it on a couple of days ago. If nothing else, it goes to show that there is a virtually unlimited amount of music being made – so much that excellent material can easily get buried.

Рецензия от From Corners Unknown на альбом «Hastur»


The H.P. Lovecraft dark ambient collaborative efforts have been a staple of the titanous Oregon-based Cryo Chamber label for six years now. It all began in the early fall of 2014 when Simon Heath, owner and operator of Cryo Chamber, debuted the eighty-minute behemoth Cthulhu, which featured thirteen artists from their ever-growing roster. This selection of Great Old One, Elder God, Eldritch horror, however you choose to describe the winged tentacle monstrosity from the sea, was an obvious if not essential starting point for the unearthly schlepp the label would undertake in years subsequent. Cthulhu trekked across terrain familiar to those long steeped in the arcane words of the early twentieth century’s weird fiction author. For the uninitiated, it towered like a lighthouse, rotating its beaming bulb to catch the eyes of those who have heard whispers of the name in passing but not yet gazed into its esoteric radiance.



Совместная работа с SandSpace записанная в период с 14.04.2014 по 01.09.2014.

Для оформления использованы иллюстрации mikephotoart, jake_sylvester и Michael Kappel.



A 2 hour dark soundscape album recorded by over 20 ambient artists to pay tribute to H.P. Lovecraft.

Dark sounds from hidden courts, ancient temples and dilapidated and forgotten civilizations.

Рецензия на альбом "Vale Of Forgotten Sounds" от EMCritic


Why raid a label for just one SiJ album when you can get two? Probably because you've gotten all the remaining hard copies of his albums, digital version the only option left for older ones. And because you've some bizarre hate-boner against ever buying digital when physical versions exist, you skip the other albums, forever denying yourself music you know you'll enjoy irrespective of format its played from. Boy, it sure is a good thing I'm not like that! Such a person sounds a right bellend to be around. (*cough*)

Рецензия от ProgArchives на альбом «The Utumis Shrine»


SiJ is a Progressive Electronic project from Vladislav Sikach founded in Ukraine in 2011. The whole idea of the project is to experiment with dark ambience and industrial elements, somewhat in the same style as some of the Bass Communion albums. The project also utilizes field recordings. The project started releasing albums in 2011, and has since released 16 full length albums, the last of which is called "The Utumis Shrine", released in August of 2019. This album has only two very long tracks with a total run time of over 84 minutes. Sikach plays all of the instruments, but does have help with the vocal effects.

Рецензия на альбом "The Lost World" от EMCritic


See? See!? I knew there was SiJ in this endless backlog bundle (I've been at since March and I'm only in the 'L's, OMG!). It wasn't some flight of fanciful delusion that I somehow skipped out on the specific artist I raided Reverse Alignment for. Okay, no one doubted my proclamation of innocence in that Ajna review, because few would even care. I cared though, if for no other reason than to confirm my own fraying memories. I had to have scoured for SiJ, because I recall doing so. It couldn't be a figment of my imagination, could it? Like, one of those realistically mundane dreams you're so certain happened it becomes a permanent memory? The cruellest of such dreams I've had are the ones I've unearthed a trove of unreleased Calvin & Hobbes comics. Yes, it's been a recurrent one.

Рецензия от Side-Line Magazine на альбом A Cryo Chamber Collaboration "Shub-Niggurath"


“Shub-Niggurath” features 2 albums. It’s impossible to know what has been the real contribution of each artist, but one thing becomes rapidly evident: it’s a truly Cryo Chamber work. The influences and especially the dark-cinematic approach are easily recognizable. Each disc features a long duration track. The work is driven by the strength of the dark atmospheres and their visual appeal. From nihilistic landscapes towards cellar music, the work is joined by passages with drones, slow rhythms and an impressive arsenal of subtle noises, scratches and other sound effects.