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Рецензия от This Is Darkness на альбом A Cryo Chamber Collaboration «Yog​-​Sothoth»


Cryo Chamber are continuing to push the limits of what fans can expect from them. The label has been incredibly successful over the last few years in bringing a new generation of listeners to the genre of dark ambient. Through a heavy presence on Youtube and Spotify, Cryo Chamber prove that the use of these free channels of listening can and will result in increased overall exposure and the slow but steady recruitment of die-hard followers that will ultimately support the label for years to come.

Рецензия от Pied Paper на альбом «Zhang Zhung»


Не Пхурпой единой, как говорится, земля русская воспевает хвалы древним божествам Гималайских гор. Уже давно ушедший от электронной музыки в этнографические исследования и путешествия Сергей Габбасов (Bardo, Vazhes) собрал немало полевых записей в своих поездках по Азии, особое место среди которых заняли скитания по стране Шанг-Шунг — бывшему тибетскому королевству, родине религии Бон, существование которого официальная наука датирует 5-6 веками до нашей эры, чтобы передать их на "переосмысление" севастопольскому проекту SiJ, дабы получить в итоге данное издание на шведском лейбле GTERMA, в каталоге которого уже немало подобного отнюдь не востребованного массовой культурой материала.



A 2 hour dark soundscape album recorded by 20 ambient artists to pay tribute to H.P. Lovecraft.

Field recordings from foggy towns to desolate mountains. Deep space drone and crackling amplifiers combine into a black sky devoid of stars.

The Old Alchemist


Одна из великих аксиом гласит: «Во всем есть семена всего», хотя в простых процессах природы они могут оставаться скрытыми многие века или же растут чрезвычайно медленно. Следовательно, каждая песчинка содержит не только семена драгоценных металлов и семена драгоценных камней, но и семена солнца, луны и звезд. Подобно тому как природа человека отражает всю вселенную в миниатюре, каждая песчинка, каждая капля воды, каждая частичка космической пыли скрыты во всех частях и элементах космоса в форме маленьких зародышей, столь малых, что даже самый мощный микроскоп не может распознать их. В триллионы раз меньшие, чем ионы или электроны, эти семена, нераспознаваемые и непостижимые, ожидают своего времени, чтобы проявиться и начать расти.

Рецензия от The Noise Beneath The Snow на альбом A Cryo Chamber Collaboration «Yog​-​Sothoth»


A truly unique and monumental undertaking is the reason for our review today.  For more than one year, 20 dark ambient/drone artists from different parts of the globe linked their studios and sounds for the ability to work with one another; the ability to pay tribute to H.P. Lovecraft.  The result is the new double CD, Yog-Sothoth; the 4th release in the Lovecraftian series.

Рецензия от Mithra! Templezine на сборник «Labyrinth»


The question of the infinite in regards to a poetic text – be it prose, paint or performed on an instrument – is unlikely to have been far from the mind of Raffaele Pezzella when curating this two hour plus compilation of twenty-two tracks from twenty-two separate projects. Something which can forever be returned to and which reveals an ever increasing scope must surely be considered fathomless. This is firmly rooted within the concept of the labyrinth. A musical path is laid out. Curated. It is a trail which requires your trust, your submission. To embark upon such a journey demands a receptive mind.

Рецензия от Side-Line Magazine на альбом «Queer Reminiscence»


Russian artists Vladislav Sikach and Sergey Epifanov aka Sij and Item Caligo, joined hands to release this common work revealing 8 compositions. Both artists are truly work-addicts having released an impressive number of productions during the past years. Sij is also used to working with other artists; the list is too long to mention all other names he collaborated with, but you’ll find bands such as Textere Oris, Paul Minesweeper, Creation VI, Particula, Astral & Shit...

Рецензия от Resounding Footsteps на сборник «Labyrinth»


SiJ is up next and SiJ is another of the giants to appear on the anthology. Like Alphaxone, SiJ will take you on a journey. You may not like how it gets you there but you will always feel better because of the journey. Few Sounds from the House Near the Sea is a long title but it’s an apt title. The track is quiet to start off with. In my notes, I called it the sound of life without life. I’m not quite sure what I meant at the time but the description still seems to fit. The end of the album is shrill and harsh, like the shattering of an illusion. In terms of the labyrinth this track was one of those times where we, the listeners, had to decide whether to keep going through the labyrinth or give up.

Рецензия от Vital Weekly на альбом «Queer Reminiscence»


The next one is the collaborative work of Vladislav Sikach's project SiJ, whose first album, 'The Lost World' was also released by Reverse Alignment, who teams up with one Item Caligo, the musical project of Sergey Epifanov. The cover shows us landscapes in twilight sceneries and that  is an indication for the flickering ambient music played by these projects.

Рецензия от Richard Gürtler на альбом «Reflections Under The Sky»


In Sevastopol, Crimea based applauded dronesculptor Vladislav "Vlad" Sikach, who is acting as SiJ has joined his forces with Textere Oris, a project of Ilya Fursov with domicile in Moscow. To be honest, I don't know too much about Textere Oris' previous releases except the fact Ilya Fursov has already teamed with Vlad Sikach on one of the tracks on his digital album "Plæntágose", which was released during 2015 on relaxedMachinery gang. However, when "Reflections Under The Sky" CD was announced during February 2016 on US dark ambient eminence Cryo Chamber, my eyebrows were immediately raised!