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  • Рецензия от Chain D.L.K. на альбом «The Time Machine»

Рецензия от Chain D.L.K. на альбом «The Time Machine»


Рецензия от Chain D.L.K. на альбом «The Time Machine»

Размещено 2 Апреля 2017
review, english, chaindlk

According to the liner notes this release is based on the concept of time travel and, while it's not particularly evident during the listening of this release, this is the reason why there's a so massive use of field recordings. SiJ makes little use of drone as it's used mainly as a structural glue which ties together all tracks and relies instead on a descriptive musical language based on a the choice of samples with an evident influence from movie's sound design. In such choices samples are chosen not only for their technical properties but also for the fact that they are so culturally connoted to be even descriptive of a mood e.g., the sound of rain.

Over the usual drone which is the skeleton of this music, "Forwards in Time" exposes a series of small field recordings / samples whose technical craft is simply impressive. The childs' voices of "A Place to Live" amplify the sense of menace given by the soundscape. As the drone is almost inaudible, "In Ancient Times" sounds as a crossover between a field recording piece and an audio track of a movie while "Instantaneous" is a return to the canon of the genre that is even reassuring after all the previous deviations. "Floating Clouds" borders the territories of some new age with his peaceful atmosphere and the use of a flute while "Realm of Eternal Rain" is based on the juxtaposition of a drone and the field recording of the rain and "Particulate Matter" is a short and complex track where field recordings, drones and electronic effects are juxtaposed in a descriptive manner. "Morlock's Path" and "The Death of the World" are almost canonical dark ambient tracks that sounds as a sort of rest, while "Vision of Hell" marks a return to the use of field recordings and "Shine of Dark" closes this release with a return to the peaceful atmosphere of "Floating Clouds".

This is one of best release from this label at a technical level and it's even courageous to explore territories out of the canon of the genre. Truly recommended.

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