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  • Рецензия от Side-Line Magazine на альбом «Queer Reminiscence»

Рецензия от Side-Line Magazine на альбом «Queer Reminiscence»


Рецензия от Side-Line Magazine на альбом «Queer Reminiscence»

Размещено 3 Августа 2017
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Background/Info: Russian artists Vladislav Sikach and Sergey Epifanov aka Sij and Item Caligo, joined hands to release this common work revealing 8 compositions. Both artists are truly work-addicts having released an impressive number of productions during the past years. Sij is also used to working with other artists; the list is too long to mention all other names he collaborated with, but you’ll find bands such as Textere Oris, Paul Minesweeper, Creation VI, Particula, Astral & Shit ao.

Content: Sij & Item Caligo clearly deals with the darker parts of ambient music. This work is a kind of soundscape inviting the listener to visit a sonic universe made of imagery and horror themes. The composition is quite progressive, but remains often monotone although now and then joined by some extra sounds and noises. The dark and vibrating sound waves are finally moving towards a real dark final.

+ + + : “Queer Reminiscence” is the kind of album you need to listen to several times before you really can get into it. Using headphones could be a precious tool to distinguish the little noises and effects, which are in the background. It also reveals the experimental side of the work, which however is an essential aspect injecting a touch of diversity. Talking about diversity I especially like the kind of piano play emerging at “If Our Hope Not Fades”. This track is somewhat different from the rest and even recovers this work with a flavor of serenity. “Queer Reminiscence” is an intriguing work (also for its title), but mainly for its deep, vibrating buzzing sound waves.

– – – : The main point with this kind of music concepts is that it starts to get a little bit monotonous after a while. I’m often observing the same point, which is that this soundscape-style needs a visual backup.

Conclusion: Sij and Item Caligo are taking the listeners hostage to endure an obscure sonic trip where images have been replaced by deadly sonorities. This is a trip through the unknown so you never know how and when you will get out of it!

Best songs: “If Our Hope Not Fades”, So Terrible To Contemplate”.

Rate: (6).

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