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  • Рецензия от The Noise Beneath The Snow на альбом A Cryo Chamber Collaboration «Yog​-​Sothoth»

Рецензия от The Noise Beneath The Snow на альбом A Cryo Chamber Collaboration «Yog​-​Sothoth»


Рецензия от The Noise Beneath The Snow на альбом A Cryo Chamber Collaboration «Yog​-​Sothoth»

Размещено 1 Ноября 2017
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Рецензия от The Noise Beneath The Snow на альбом A Cryo Chamber Collaboration «Yog​-​Sothoth» A truly unique and monumental undertaking is the reason for our review today.  For more than one year, 20 dark ambient/drone artists from different parts of the globe linked their studios and sounds for the ability to work with one another; the ability to pay tribute to H.P. Lovecraft.  The result is the new double CD, Yog-Sothoth; the 4th release in the Lovecraftian series.

From Cryo Chamber:  “Field recordings from foggy towns to desolate mountains. Deep space drone and crackling amplifiers combine into a black sky devoid of stars.  Yog-Sothoth is the Dream Cycle of H. P. Lovecraft.  Yog-Sothoth is omniscient, and is locked outside the universe, meaning he knows and can see all of space-time all at once, that there is no secret hidden from Yog-Sothoth.”

It goes without saying that ambient, dark ambient and drone recordings take a variety of twists and turns while they enter and exit from different locations from the listener’s perspective.  But the fact that these 20 artists from different parts of the world put a central focus on this one project in some ways adds another dimension to the listener’s experience.  Effectively, it causes us to be more mindful of the movement of the different waves.  Yog-Sothoth also leaves the listener with a sense of wonder when thinking of the possible points at which each artist began and ended.

While some Cryo Chamber releases contain a number of separate tracks that read like chapters in a film, Yog-Sothoth contains two very long tracks that weave the pieces in and out.  Dare I suggest that track 1 from 11:15 – 15:40 just might be the most magical of the two pieces.  That’s just my humble opinion, however.

The magic of recordings like this is that while inspired by a particular person or thing, the sonic landscapes leave the settings to the imagination of the listener.  This is something film obviously does not allow.

I don’t see how Cryo Chamber could otherwise more effectively show the dynamic of their artists than by putting out a unique release like this.  Yog-Sothoth is definitely an essential add for the Cryo-collector.  Dark ambient and drone artists come together for a singular vision with the end result being a magical and imaginative experience.

Yog-Sothoth is a 2 CD album which comes in a deluxe 16 page digiBook.  Digital release is available as well.  The 4 album (8 CD) Lovecraftian Bundle is available is available with a vinyl tote bag.  Participating Artists: ProtoU, Sjellos, Alphaxone, Gydja, Kristoffer Oustad, Aegri Somina, Kammarheit, Darkrad, Atrium Carceri, Randal collier-Ford, Neizvestija, Council of Nine, Dronny Darko, Flowers For Bodysnatchers, god Body Disconnect, Keosz, Kolhoosi 13, Northumbria, Sij and Ugasanie.

Yog-Sothoth is available November 7.  Please check Cryo Chamber’s Bandcamp site for sound samples.

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