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  • Рецензия от Yeah I Know It Sucks на сборник «Exile : Minimalisme, Drone, Noise Archives - Ukraine 2012​-​2015»

Рецензия от Yeah I Know It Sucks на сборник «Exile : Minimalisme, Drone, Noise Archives - Ukraine 2012​-​2015»


Рецензия от Yeah I Know It Sucks на сборник «Exile : Minimalisme, Drone, Noise Archives - Ukraine 2012​-​2015»

Размещено 22 Мая 2016
review, english

Adrageron’s Endless Blizzard opens up this relaxing compilation with a fine sense of thin melody, brought like a morning glow from a sun that just woke up. It’s music shape is blissful and arising, and really goes well with the activities of peeling open ones eyes after a long sleep, and the action of brewing a fine fresh pot of coffee. The music gives that fresh feel, as if we have been staying out camping on top of a mountain and are now sniffing up the new arrival of fresh air, with the sunshine covering us up like a warm blanket. For a track named ‘endless blizzard’, it’s very warm and sunny..

Trianov’s Hope is also using melody to convey its story. I type this somewhat surprised because most ambient drone releases that pass along here on my watch are as vague and minimal as a nothingness; this however is actual music, and not just ‘music’, it’s pretty wonderful music. The melodic happening is one of bliss, giving it a classical feel that reminds of the pretty days in the Vivaldi season descriptions, but then going for a bright execution of guitar twinkling that is light like a lovely dream of human kindness.

Drop Sum’s Nenia is the first track that kindly hints to the title of the compilation by making a more minimal performance at first sight. A tonal lengthy drone functions as a humming bass, but around Drop Sum decorates it with sentimental music that strangely made me trip to the untouched lands of the first American true natives; I could see this as a lonely but honoring song to the death and perhaps a baking sun. It’s pretty touching.

In Meditarivm’s Black Ziggurat is another pretty moving work, something that like the previous one sounds more like respectful World Music than what the compilation’s description called ‘a collection of drone and noise’. It’s a pretty setup that is created here, very pretty hints and elements come in and pass away, all done on a moving mix of cinematic view as seen through the ears. It’s very relaxing, making everything feel like it’s more then alright..

Schie!’s Vague Locomotion is another ultimate pretty bird you wouldn’t expect to hear on a weekday, but yet there it is. It’s super warm and friendly, creating some kind of humane ambience that feels like you are listening to people chatting in an soft brew of pure warmth.

Another pretty but deeper sounding ambient work is done by ‘Oil Texture’ and is titled ‘Landing on Gliese 581G’ it’s very rich in sound, making you feel like the ground is swallowing you up and the earth reservoirs of oxygen kindly give you an amount of pure air at the same time. It fits the criteria of being minimal, but even though it is; it’s pretty moving!

Public’s favorite ‘Saturn Form Essence’ also appears on this compilation with a work named ‘Forgotten Space’ . It’s a lengthy production that slowly seems to showcase pretty but fragile atmospheric audio sceneries that feels graceful and yet quite lonely. A great place to relax alone and find back your inner senses and brain functionalities. The work of an audiophile monk in a cave-like environment in search for common sense and inner peace perhaps…

Then walhalla reveals itself in a wonderful emotional experimental piece done by Gamardah Fungus. It’s name ‘Actus Fidei’ is seemingly the gateway to a mysterious but dreamy soundscape in which realities from different realities roam, with flirtations of shimmering pretty music and dream catchers this work is pretty stunning as it’s original.

SiJ takes the episode out from the darkness into the holy light with ‘Infinitas’, a heavenly work of angelic delight that fits sunrises and sunsets just as much as it fits blissful thoughts and beauty. Wonderful.

Monocube’s The Sun That Never Was’ is the last one on this pretty compilation of quality ambient works. Monocube’s takes it a nice pace down, slowly but gracefully delivering the final corners of relaxed smoothness like a slow shadow covering all that was once covered with light.

For a compilation described as one of noise and drone, you will be greatly surprised by founding how lovable, intelligent and pretty all these works are. Guaranteed music that you can play without complaints from your neighbors, perhaps even triggering some compliments and suggestions to play it even a bit louder!

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