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Рецензия от From Corners Unknown на альбом «Hastur»


The H.P. Lovecraft dark ambient collaborative efforts have been a staple of the titanous Oregon-based Cryo Chamber label for six years now. It all began in the early fall of 2014 when Simon Heath, owner and operator of Cryo Chamber, debuted the eighty-minute behemoth Cthulhu, which featured thirteen artists from their ever-growing roster. This selection of Great Old One, Elder God, Eldritch horror, however you choose to describe the winged tentacle monstrosity from the sea, was an obvious if not essential starting point for the unearthly schlepp the label would undertake in years subsequent. Cthulhu trekked across terrain familiar to those long steeped in the arcane words of the early twentieth century’s weird fiction author. For the uninitiated, it towered like a lighthouse, rotating its beaming bulb to catch the eyes of those who have heard whispers of the name in passing but not yet gazed into its esoteric radiance.