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Рецензия от This Is Darkness на альбом «Queer Reminiscence»


This new collaboration is an excellent example of dark ambient/neo-classical collaborations gone right. SiJ and Item Caligo are both known for their sounds that often float from ambient, to dark ambient, to neo-classical, and then back again. As is to be expected of these two artists, we have a nice combination of drone, piano, and various other lesser elements. SiJ and Item Caligo combine to craft a sound that is undeniably listenable. There is nothing harsh here, at many times its not even particularly dark.

Рецензия от This Is Darkness на альбом «The Time Machine»


The album title, The Time Machine, is a clear reference to the book of the same name by H.G. Wells. As such, we are taken on an adventure through the course of the album. The Time Machine starts out with a protagonist character at its central theme. The opening track “Forward in Time” is a clear reference to the protagonist taking a time machine forward into the future. All sounds on this track lend themselves to a forward moving dynamic.