The Time Machine


The Time Machine

Опубликовано 21 Февраля 2017
ambient, dark ambient, drone

The Time Machine Первая за два года сольная работа, опубликованная на известном лейбле Cryo Chamber. Работа над альбомом велась в течении 2016 года.

Как следует из названия, работа посвящена известнейшему произведению Герберта Уэллса "Машина времени".

В записи работы использовались наработки и записи сделанные в течении всего периода существования проекта, поэтому слушатели знакомые с творчеством проекта уследят в нем знакомые мотивы. Помимо этого в альбом вошли в слегка переработанном виде композиции ранее публиковавшиеся.

Помимо собственного материала в работе использовались записи и семплы предоставленные Анной Сикач (1 и 2 треки), Вадимом Грином (Dream Twice) (треки 4 и 5), Станиславом Валяевым (Particula) (трек 7), Анной Воробьевой (Wandering Wind) (треки 4 и 6) и семплы флейты от Эрика Освальда (Erik Osvald) из проекта Keosz (трек 10). Версия 11 трека создана Ильей Фурсовым (Textere Oris) на базе оригинальной композиции Lümæriscit из альбома "Plæntágose", оригинальная композиция записана с использованием обработанного вокала Тани Либен (Tanya Lieben).

Автор оформления и мастеринг Саймон Хит (Simon Heath).

Альбом опубликован под номером CRYO 057. Альбом доступен в двух форматах - цифровом и физическом. Физическое издание оформлено в виде шестипанельного диджипака.

01. Forwards in Time 05:56
02. A Place to Live 06:47
03. In Ancient Times 04:25
04. Instantaneous 05:59
05. Floating Clouds 08:07
06. Realm of Eternal Rain 09:05
07. Particulate Matter 03:12
08. Morlock's Path 06:39
09. The Death of the World 06:41
10. Vision of Hell 04:10
11. Shine of Dark 07:52




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Like the rain who has fallen since the beginning of that realm,
I hope these albums will never stop being created.
Only your albulms create such an unique athmosphere that
keeps me calm, even in such difficult, and hopeless times.
Thanks for the inspiration, Cryo Chamber.

© Myrit
I wonder... Will we walk into our future on a clean, bright path?
Or will we wander on an old dusty road, with shards of our broken self image
scattered all over it? It's our choice.

If you make the most of your life, and if you encourage others around you to do the same, we will.

Daelendil :
Say no to the degeneracy of our modern times, train, read, renounce most of useless modern technology, move to a rural site, live a harder and more fulfilling life, have relationships that matter, have many kids and i assure you, you will be on a clean right path filled with hardship, but what is life witouth hardship? This way you will be experiencing true happiness and will discover the meaning of life.

Myrit :
I agree most of the part with you. But kids? I don't want to send
my offspring into a live where they are destined to suffer, like
every creature on the earth. We all get formed by experiences of pain and such, But is it worth it for them? We mean absolutely
nothing to the universe, so why should i send another lifeform
on this cruel earth? To feel important? Just for the sake of them
existing? We humans are already overpopulated. I just see
no reason to have kids. But yeah, i tend to not use modern technology
for most of the time. Thank you for your advise. Many people
could learn from that.

Daelendil :
Children are important.

Myrit :
i know. I just see no reason for ME to have them.
They will struggle. They will be dissapointed. They will
witness all of the horrible things that an innocent life can
endure, And then... they will get corrupted by society.
There are already enough people who are suffering out there,
so why my children too? I know life has its good sides, of course
it has. But no. I'd rather not take this risk.

Daelendil :
People who don't struggle are weak and dumb. You have to strive for greatness in your life and for that you need to struggle a lot. The system... You should try to become as autonomous as you can and home educate your children. You should work on yourself and then finding an honorable and good wife will also be easier (considering that you are a single straight male). Children with a strong family untity and who are not that influenced by the corrupted system (living in cities, media) will be strong and smart. Struggling is good. You have to create strong pillars for your kids. Btw, where are you from?

Myrit :
I might should have not put the word "Struggle" in there.
I know it makes us strong. Struggeling gives us
knowledge on how to overcome less tiering obstacles,
and gives us the will to fight even more for us, no matter how
hard the situation. I just don't see the need for children.

Daelendil :
What does your partner think about that?

Daelendil :
This is kinda getting personal. If you want us to continue this conversation, we should probably switch to Google Hangouts. Add me there, i can't find you. If not, i wish you a great and happy life and i hope you change your mind about children :)

Myrit :
I'm not on google hangouts, but thank you so much! i wish you a great and happy life too :D But some things might never change.
Thanks for the conversation. Farewell.
SIJ is getting better and better each time i hear it im glad i found this channel
© Skullface Productions
Sometimes i have thoughts of humanity devolving.
But that can't possibly happen, right?
What would drag us back to our ancient times?
Mutations? a virus? I don't know.
probably just my thoughts.

One word: Nukes.

Daelendil :
Your thougths are true. We are devolving, thanks to technology improving, we are devolving both physically and mentally. We can't go back to they way we were in the stone age, but living a simpler life would help us improve ourselves.
fossil Sol:
Within time Man will forget he is Man, and will Devour his future. No longer Man, he will be Morlock. Our future awaits >.<

Morlock, been listening to dark ambient and eating children since antediluvian times.
And the False Prophet spoke of his blasphemy that regarded the end of Mankind, and he spurned the hate from kings, queens and the people alike, and he welcomed the rain of stones as he smiled. For he knew the truth all along: He was not a prophet, and his warning was not a prophecy at all. He simply wanted his fellow Men to open their eyes and see. Yes, the irony tasted so delicious, so delicious that it turned to bitterness.

And in his final moment, he reminisced the true prophecy delivered directly to him by the true Prophet. O He Whose Name Shall Not Be Mentioned For All Eternity. O He Who Hath Speaketh of The Downfall of Humanity. Not by their own doings, but by their own undoing. Their petty wars and conflicts paled in comparison to the vastness of infinity, and if they didn't embrace unity soon, they shall all perish. For from somewhere far away from the realities that acted as the Multi-Layered Shield to this realm of disgusting ignorance and human arrogance, a horror - That Is Not Dead Nor Alive - though not the most horrendous one in all of existence, yet a horror all the same, hath taken a sickeningly foul interest in the world of Men, and was coming to claim Earth as its foundation of a new, repulsive, loathsome and ever-expanding domain of abyssal terror and twisted, corrupt flesh.

"United to eject the cancer we survive - divided to let the wicked inherit the Earth we die" was his last words before withstanding the unmerciful and brutal force of the stones, and failing...

I looked on as the "victors" laughed and celebrated the grisly demise of my Mentor, carefully forming the words from beginning to end to complete this Book. Grimly, I called it "The Death of The World". And, perhaps, you can change its title to a more fitting one IF, and when, you stumble upon our shared, ghastly secret. Or, maybe, you just dismiss it as a lunatic's ravings in writing; or your eyes are not that keen enough to spot The Death of The World.

Are they?

Amanda Ross :
StygianTraveler141 did you write this? i love it

StygianTraveler141 :
Thank you. I did write this. Just inspiration hitting me once I saw the title and the listening to this music. I'm intending to do the same to upcoming videos to sharpen my writing for my fanfic projects.

Amanda Ross :
StygianTraveler141 I enjoy writing in this style too, you're really good I would love to read more of your writing

StygianTraveler141 :
Cool. Would you like to read my fanfic?

Amanda Ross :
StygianTraveler141 Absolutely :) link me?

StygianTraveler141 :
Alright. Here you go :D

Tell me what ya think :)

StygianTraveler141 :
+Amanda Ross What do you think?
The Time Machine, album art; which path do you take? Remember Rod Sterling version of the movie, when he sends the cigar in the miniature version, and Sebastian Cabbot says "where did it go?" rod replies "not where but when, its still here but in a different time" a problem arises with this scenario, since the solar system is always in motion orbiting around the galaxy, if you transcend time, you must also transcend the distance across space...
It's so clear now, as clear as day. That the infernal sights described in the Bible and horror books, and showed in TV series, are nothing but worthless imagination. We have, for all times, been fixated on these mental perspectives so zealously that we forgot what reality was, is and always will be: Hell is indeed on Earth.

Yes, Inferno is all around us, my friend. Among those that we trust blindly, on their poisonous tongues, and within their dark, twisted minds capable of concocting insidious lies and plans of deceit. Society and governments are not what they seem to be, my fellow man. As you think of God above and Lucifer below, these... demons beneath human skin are plotting our own slavery, then demise. When you see past the veil of misconception and indoctrination, you will realize that you are staring at something even worse than the picture of Dorian Gray, even worse than the unholy flesh of the devilish Tempter, and even worse than the scenes of eternal anguish and horrendous torment: The grins of the corporate abominations inside their skeletal domain. The true vision of Hell...

A sinistra nisi te malum.

Max Stirner :
awh cmon don't kill my dream of going to hell and fucking demon women.

StygianTraveler141 :
+Max Stirner Hey, at least you still can fap to Cleopatra in Dante's Inferno, right? ;)
Here I was, at last, perceived and was led by the Endtime Psalms, its sound dark but majestically mystical and wonderful, through the Valley of The Shadow of Death, through the Pandemonium of Terror. And now, before me, stood a tall, black and ominous gate, which was certainly inanimate in every known aspect; however, I felt like it was gazing down at me with indifferent and emotionless demeanor, silently and malignantly judging me to see whether I was worthy enough to enter the Tomb of Saaresh - The Mighty and Enigmatic King of Vandrength - or not. And above the Gate of Saaresh, there perfectly carved into the white, timeless and otherworldly stone wall these words:

"Here is Shine of Dark, otherwise known as the Gate of Saaresh, the Eternal Guardian of the Mighty and Enigmatic One's Deathhalls. To enter is to bleed thy heritage of painful past and to empty thy knowledge of distant lands. The Worthy is the one that stands naked before His Judgment unhinged. The Unfit is the one that sets pride in the flesh and lives the pleasure. May their name be forever banished and their tarnished essence smitten from one's tedious existence. Let there be purity!"

Merlin Erdogmus :
Is that from you or did you quote a book passage?

StygianTraveler141 :
Oh it's just from me, no big deal :D . Nonetheless, I watched Angels and Demons ( the movie ), read the book and read the sequel 'Inferno', watched Outlast and researched similar things from the Bible, so I have a pretty good idea on how to sound Bible-y xD
Постиндустриальный эмбиент от украинского проекта, выпускающего по 10 похожих альбомов в год. Ничего примечательного. На обложке, видимо, изображен человек, заблудившийся в метро )))

mdma :
Не пошел релиз. Я даже удивился, как так? Обычно Cryo Chamber меня глубоко погружает!
Трилл, тебя удовлетворил релиз?

!если исключить меланхолические трЭки то дА

Непонятно тогда, что он делает на крио чамбер, и как он там оказался?

mdma :
кстати- да! Он часто издавался на GV Records, а этот лейбл приписывали к низам Дарк Эмбиента..как он попал сюда - загадка!? Вроде все осталось прежним в его стиле. Значит, не такой он уж и плохой исполнитель, как кто-то здесь его критиковал =)

vasya1961 :
Альбом понравился :)

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