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  • Рецензия от Side-Line Reviews на альбом «Reflections at the Sea»

Рецензия от Side-Line Reviews на альбом «Reflections at the Sea»


Рецензия от Side-Line Reviews на альбом «Reflections at the Sea»

Размещено 28 Сентября 2021
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Рецензия от Side-Line Reviews на альбом «Reflections at the Sea» This album resulted from the common efforts between Ukrainian Vladislav Sikach (SiJ) and Russian Ilya Fursov (Textere Oris). Both artists have already released different works on Cryo Chamber and previously released the album, “Reflections Under The Sky” (2016)

Content: This work is quite diversified, but mainly inspired by Cinematographic music. The album takes off with a heavy, atmospheric piece carried by guitar playing and a kind of trumpet sound. Buzzing sound waves supporting the track. Other pieces are characterized by delicate piano arrangements while there also is a kind of free-styled Jazzy experiment for dark souls. Another passage is driven by the magic of a duduk, injecting a Middle-Eastern touch to the work. Field recordings are running through the work. A few cuts are driven by slow rhythms.

+ + + : The opening track “Nevesomost” is an overwhelming piece of music and a perfect way to take off. I like the album’s diversity, which however sounds compact. The tracks are meticulously elaborated and I also have to mention the great chants and effects emerging on several cuts. The global atmosphere has something intimate although sometimes ominous and even becoming sensual through the addition of a slow cadence.

- - - : The album is maybe missing a total apotheosis, but we get a succession of cool and accomplished tracks instead; no reason to complaining here!

Conclusion: SiJ and Textere Oris have accomplished a meaningful and elaborated cinematographic experience, which I can only highly recommend.

Best songs: “Nevesomost”, “K Moryu”, “After Sunset” Kolokola”.

Rate: 7½.

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