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Рецензия от Brutal Resonance на альбом A Cryo Chamber Collaboration «Yog​-​Sothoth»


I’ve never given too much thought to picking a soundtrack to accompany my Submechanophobia, defined by Google search as “the fear of submerged objects.” And yet, Cryo Chamber has released just that: a nightmarish paean to one of Lovecraft’s enduring horrors that dredges sunless oceans to dump its aural harvest of dread squirming fresh upon the slab...

Небольшая рецензия от Brutal Resonance на альбом «Vale of Forgotten Sounds»


Sij's "Vale of Forgotten Sounds" contained nine tracks of sweeping dark ambient tracks that were as charming as they were blissful when it first released. However, while it was well received, I would guess that many people felt that there needed to be more physical copies of the album considering there were originally only 12 copies of it. That limited edition copy also contained four more tracks purely exclusive to the CD. But now Reverse Alignment has eagerly accepted SiJ into their ranks, and has provided a re-relase of "Vale of Forgotten Sounds".