The Time Machine


The Time Machine

Опубликовано 21 Февраля 2017
ambient, dark ambient, drone

The Time Machine Первая за два года сольная работа, опубликованная на известном лейбле Cryo Chamber. Работа над альбомом велась в течении 2016 года.

Как следует из названия, работа посвящена известнейшему произведению Герберта Уэллса "Машина времени".

В записи работы использовались наработки и записи сделанные в течении всего периода существования проекта, поэтому слушатели знакомые с творчеством проекта уследят в нем знакомые мотивы. Помимо этого в альбом вошли в слегка переработанном виде композиции ранее публиковавшиеся.

Помимо собственного материала в работе использовались записи и семплы предоставленные Анной Сикач (1 и 2 треки), Вадимом Грином (Dream Twice) (треки 4 и 5), Станиславом Валяевым (Particula) (трек 7), Анной Воробьевой (Wandering Wind) (треки 4 и 6) и семплы флейты от Эрика Освальда (Erik Osvald) из проекта Keosz (трек 10). Версия 11 трека создана Ильей Фурсовым (Textere Oris) на базе оригинальной композиции Lümæriscit из альбома "Plæntágose", оригинальная композиция записана с использованием обработанного вокала Тани Либен (Tanya Lieben).

Автор оформления и мастеринг Саймон Хит (Simon Heath).

Альбом опубликован под номером CRYO 057. Альбом доступен в двух форматах - цифровом и физическом. Физическое издание оформлено в виде шестипанельного диджипака.

01. Forwards in Time 05:56
02. A Place to Live 06:47
03. In Ancient Times 04:25
04. Instantaneous 05:59
05. Floating Clouds 08:07
06. Realm of Eternal Rain 09:05
07. Particulate Matter 03:12
08. Morlock's Path 06:39
09. The Death of the World 06:41
10. Vision of Hell 04:10
11. Shine of Dark 07:52




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The album title, The Time Machine, is a clear reference to the book of the same name by H.G. Wells. As such, we are taken on an adventure through the course of the album. The Time Machine starts out with a protagonist character at its central theme. But as we proceed, there is a pronounced shift into much darker, subterranean territory. Read the full review at: Favorite track: Instantaneous.

© Michael Barnett
There was never any beginning or end, but merely observation of all that we have known to be. Consciousness is ongoing and our human vibrations (tones) will continue forever be it observed, or not. One only has to imagine and it is what it is. Death is merely a translation of another form of consciousness which then converts into unobserved matter. It's all on all loop for all of eternity. Hope that helps. See you in the next infinite consciousness.

© space boy
The future is ethereal darkness, unfolding the illusion of the moment, warped by the history of time>.<

©fossil Sol
Man I love these atmospheric tracks. They really give off a cold but yet enjoyable experience. So crisp.
Another amazing track on this album. I'm definitely thinking this one is a must buy. © StallordD
Your music really is inspiring. Makes me think of a knight that got lost in a
cave that just could not find the way out of his despair. without a torch he has to
try to remember any possible detail that the cave could bare him. After hours and hours of searching for the way out, the knight grew hopeless and tired- his destiny was chosen. Careless, he stepped onward, not noticing the huge gap beneath him. He fell not to his death, but into an underground lake, leaving him in sheer panic. His struggle to stay on the water's surface seemed impossible due to his heavy armor. Minutes were going by that felt like a painful eternity, as the knight decided to give up, and face his horrible fate. With the fading with his last gasp for air, he felt that something was with him in the water. Something enormous was approaching him...The last things he heard was the soft whispering of a young maiden, and then the piercing, cracking, and snapping sound, as all of his bones crushed.

Sorry! i got dragged away for a bit^^

© Myrit
"On a mountain, deeply hidden in an unknown country, there was a dragon.
Since the lands-people had known of its existence, there were no reports of the
dragon ever leaving his mountain. It was a mystery to the natives of this country why
it never left this mountain, so they were trying to explain it. Some said it was
the gods punishing it that way, Caused by his sins of the past, Others say it was
the keeper of balance, and if it flew away, the world would be doomed to live in a reality
of chaos. No one knew it for sure. Maybe the dragon itself didn't even knew what kept
it there. Was it destiny? was it the mountain calling for it? Maybe it was there since
the creation of this land, watching it grow. At night, you could sometimes even hear a
roar, coming from the mountaintops. A roar, so heartrending, and expressive, it was
more like a melody, or a message. It seemed like it was reaching out fo something. For what? We may never know. I know one thing though. Or destiny is not chosen on our paths in the near future, and the now. It is chosen at our birth, Instantaneous."

Great music as always, Cryo and crew. keep up the fantastic work.

© Myrit
"The wind is howling at the phantom,
that once was a sun. Wings, gliding with
their holder through nothingness, are seeking justice,
as they were looking at the ultimate nightmare.
The wind is slowly bringing everything back in order,
as it erases painful memories from old days.
The keeperbird, as big as the moon, leads thelost souls who where still wandering on the dead earthto a place of rest, a sheer paradise for those who feltnothing but terror and confusion through the entirety of their existence.
And so the keeperbird floates yet again through
the universe, looking for other restless souls.guided by the wind of their own mercy, It will flyuntill the end of time."

© Myrit
"I am in the deep waves of the abyssal vibration!"

© Thierry San Jarrasse
Loving the flute. I feel like Native American influences would propel Dark Ambient into more popularity. Would certainly love to hear more of it. Is there any chance that Cryo Chamber could make a compilation?

© StateAardvark

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